Welcome to 3/4B's class page!

Teacher: Mr Betts




What an amazing start the year we have had so far. The students' have been working really hard and have been having fun at the same time!



3/4B are currently learning about how to 'Identify Detail' in a text. We have also learnt about 'Cause and Effect' & 'Fact & Opinion'. We are very lucky to have Mrs Zammit & Miss Grasso inside our class to help out with reading groups twice a week.


So far in Term 1 the students have focused on:

  • addition & subtraction
  • length
  • multiplication & division
  • area
  • patterns
  • data / graphs

We are also very lucky to have Miss Grasso and Miss C assist us with Maths Groups twice a week. The students' have also had several Mathletics tasks set for them every week. All of the tasks are based on the area they are focusing on in class that week.


Mrs Asencio has been teaching 3/4B in Science this term. They have been focusing on different forms on communication. A reminder that the students projects are due next week, I will be at the Sydney South West Football tournament on Monday the 31st of March so their projects can be handed in on the following day.

Mrs Byrne has been teaching 3/4B HSIE this term. They have been focusing on British Colonisation. An excursion about this topic will take place in Term 2.


Stage 2 have been participating in dance / aerobics style sessions every Wednesday morning. They have been having an absolute blast (so have the teachers).

We have also been focusing on the importance of friendship and we have been revising our PBL school rules.


3/4B have been completing different art activities on Friday afternoon's. From weeks 9-11 we will be working with Mrs Norman in the studio.

Thank you to everyone that has brought in egg cartons, we have a mountain of them in our room! We will begin to paint them this Friday (21st) so they are ready for the PBL re launch next Thursday.


Please keep in touch. Look forward to speaking with you soon!


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